Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am so lost. I will admit it, I have no idea what to do? well that is not precisely true...I have some ideas of what to do. But I think my pride has gotten in the way of thinking clearly. But this will somehow end for the better. I am guessing the current job I have must be no good for me and although I have huge doubts that the company I am going to try to work for won't be much better, maybe I will be able to focus on my family and school. perhaps staying at my current job would make me divided on my focusing...and I do have some problems with staying focused! ah ha!
who knows? at this point all I want is to have a job that I enjoy enough to be able to muscle through it, for it to pay enough that I can pay my bills and then some, and I would be able to spend time with Ainsley and be able to focus on school.
I guess I need to focus on the future because right now is only for right now if I so choose.
I know that when change happens to me it's never subtle. Alas...it likes to kick me in the ass...hey that rhythms!
but things always turn out for the best and this is for the best.
so here I go! into the future that is very much unknown...but it will be good...
and who knows what will happen in this adventure...

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