Monday, October 26, 2009

Moving Trees

I read that one shouldn't try to move trees instead one should just walk around them...
I thought it was very good advice and a nice piece of wisdom.
I do a lot of trying to "move trees", I worry about things that might or could or should or maybe happen...ironically the more I focus on the maybes or mights the more probable they will happen.
What if instead I just decided to let life be, to want what I want, to allow myself to feel what I feel without judgment (from myself) and see how that changes my way of living.
I find that I am the harshest critic of myself, in fact I imagine people thinking things about me that they probably (hopefully) don't. Why am I so mean to myself? I am not the only one, I have been around many people that I hear say nasty things about or to themselves. And it always makes me sad for them...well and for myself...
I was worrying about what this blog would sound like...if it sounded whiny and pathetic...but then I remembered that no one has to read it and I am just using this as a sounding board for my thoughts.
So on that note I will post this and think more about moving trees...

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