Monday, November 2, 2009

Positive Thinking

I am sure I will talk about positive thinking over and over again till I finally get it...
Hopefully I will finally get it! But positive thinking is magic! It can help you succeed and give you a boost to finish projects.
It gives you motivation and encouragement. If we could live without fear and with only positive thinking our lives would be exactly how we wanted them to be.
But why do we not think positively? Why do I sometimes do the "yeah of course this would happen" thought process instead? Sometimes I find myself doing this and then I get upset with myself which is totally unhelpful. But there it is...
It's odd how many people will foo foo the positive thinking. You will say something happy and uplifting and they say something balloon popping and say that it's just "reality" and the sooner you realize it the sooner you will be happy. Which honestly doesn't make any sense. I am happier thinking that the world is wonderful and that people are ultimately good and kind and want to help other people. Yes sometimes it's hard to see it because people don't always act good and kind...but then when you see that one person doing something nice it really makes your day.
Why don't we do that more often?
Also sometimes good stuff is right in front of us and we don't see it because we are too stuck looking at our feet...sometimes I think that I am more attractive to someone because I look tragic and sad. I don't know why...
But then I think "hey I'm not tragic and sad and I don't necessarily need someone to ride in and save me. In fact I am happy I should just be happy and not care what other people think when they see me!" yes it's a long thought...but it happens
If I could master the not-caring-what-other-people-think-about-me talent I would be so happy! It would keep me from fearing certain things and I would start to think positively!
Ah Ha!
So the key is to think positively be fearless and not care what other people think about you!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fear Factor

It's funny how many things we do or don't do out of fear.
Sometimes when one stops and looks at the situation they realize that
they are afraid of something.
I find myself being afraid of many things, and when I see that I am afraid
I look more closely at it and sometimes find that it is irrational.
It actually helps me to make decisions better, and make good ones too!
"It" being the dissecting the fear and seeing it with the lights to speak.
Sometimes I just get caught up in the moment, do you think I will ever learn to
calm down and walk away till I can deal with it with a clearer head?
normally I have to be advised to walk away and calm down.
Well it's something to work for...
wow it's weird how much fear controls me! I hate it! I give it so much power...
In every facet of my life...I just stopped and thought about it. It's everywhere...from what I wear, where I work, what I eat, what I let Ainsley do, what I talk about, how I deal with people.
what would happen if I stopped fearing things?