Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fear Factor

It's funny how many things we do or don't do out of fear.
Sometimes when one stops and looks at the situation they realize that
they are afraid of something.
I find myself being afraid of many things, and when I see that I am afraid
I look more closely at it and sometimes find that it is irrational.
It actually helps me to make decisions better, and make good ones too!
"It" being the dissecting the fear and seeing it with the lights to speak.
Sometimes I just get caught up in the moment, do you think I will ever learn to
calm down and walk away till I can deal with it with a clearer head?
normally I have to be advised to walk away and calm down.
Well it's something to work for...
wow it's weird how much fear controls me! I hate it! I give it so much power...
In every facet of my life...I just stopped and thought about it. It's everywhere...from what I wear, where I work, what I eat, what I let Ainsley do, what I talk about, how I deal with people.
what would happen if I stopped fearing things?

1 comment:

  1. I agree...I think there are basically two motivators in life fear and...Love or life or whatever is the opposite of fear. I find that if I am enjoying "X" I have made decisions based on Love/life/? If I am not enjoying "X" my motivating decider was fear....sobering thought...